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Bryony and Roses (By T. Kingfisher)

  If you're like me, you love all things Beauty and the Beast. (Well, most things.) If you're like me, you expect that anytime you pick up something which purports to be a Beauty and the Beast telling (or retelling) you're going to feel delighted and sad to finish it. This book fulfills that expectation. Best of all, Bryony and Roses is not a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, it is an alternate version. Some things are the same: The Beast, strong and sometimes terrifying; the empty magical house; the books; and the rose. Some things are the different: the down to earth heroine (she is a gardener); the Beast's level of sophistication; the clockwork bee; and the rose. Some things are different and scary: the things under the bed. And the dreams. And yes, the rose. And some things are different and awesome--but to discover those, you'll have to read the book. Which, if you're like me, you want to do right now. A note about the author: T Kingfisher is a good writer